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Kansas City Skunk Removal & Control

How to get Skunk Out from Under a Shed or Porch - Having a skunk living under your house is everything but pleasant. In fact, you should be careful because skunks are dangerous and aggressive. Getting rid of them, well, might not be as complicated as it may appear. All you need is a little knowledge and a good plan. Prevention against skunk - Once you actually remove the skunk, you want to make sure that more of them won't come along in the future. Meaning, you need to skunk-proof your home.

First things first, appropriate fencing is crucial to protect your home from any kind of pests and critters. Strengthening your fences and leaving no gaps should make it impossible for either a skunk as well as any other pest to crawl into your yard. Additionally, to make your under-house areas impossible to inhabit, as well as to trap existing skunk more easily, it would be wise to fence it with some wire fences.

How to remove a skunk under your shed or front porch? Critters are, usually, attracted to people’s homes by the smell coming from litter and trash cans. Cleaning up your yard and areas under your shed and porch, as well as removing litter on a regular basis, should at least contribute that your home stops attracting skunks as a source of food. Consider clearing out these areas of any clutter or storage, and setting up proper lighting. Skunks will come there to find a safe refuge, and, naturally, stay if they find a place to hide.

In case that you need to trap a skunk, it is always better to hire expert help. Because of skunk’s aggressive nature and secretion when it feels endangered, you should think carefully before deciding to trap it on your own. After you've properly secured your home, it is time to set up a proper trap. Go for a large, stringed, cage trap.

It is very important to choose an appropriate bait. You want to avoid luring in a wrong animal. To trap skunk, go for a peanut butter bait or a grape jelly bait. Using any sort of meat, dairy or snacks as bait can cause wrong animals to end up in a trap. Set your trap in a shaded place, to avoid exposing the skunk to extreme sunlight and heat. Check the trap every day, to make sure that no animal trapped suffers unnecessarily in there.

After you've checked your trap and made sure that the skunk is caught, it's time to remove it. You will definitely need to pay attention to the possibility that you’re dealing with a family of skunks. Your home might be inhabited by a skunk mom and her babies. In this case, quickly decide to act by animal’s best interests and in accordance to legal regulations of your country/state. In this case, you might need several additional smaller cage traps. Place them strategically in well protected places, so that an animal, or animals, don’t suffer unnecessary pain and harm. Also, make sure to check your traps regularly. In case that you still do trap a wrong animal, you will want to release it. Depending on many factors, such as legal regulations, availability of animal control and pest removal services, your next steps would be to either release the animal to it's natural habitat or to humanely put it down (kill it).

In handling trapped skunk, you will need to be particularly careful not get bitten or sprayed. This is the number one reason to not remove the skunk on your own, but to turn to expert service. In case that no expert service is available to you, make sure to grab the trap only by the handle. To protect yourself from possible secretion spray, wear a protective mask and goggles. Your clothes should also be protective, to avoid the spray getting in contact with your skin. If it's possible at all, choose to relocate the skunk first. But, if for any reason your decision is to put it down, do it quickly and mercifully by shooting. Remember, all the hard work you've invested into getting rid of a skunk will go to waste if you don't secure your home properly.

In conclusion, make sure that your estate is properly fenced and lit. To avoid having to get rid of skunks, rather get rid of trash. Make sure that areas under your shed and porch are clear of any storage items that might serve as a hiding place for the skunk. Eventually, if you do get stuck with an animal that needs to be removed, stay safe. Instructions about proper trapping are easy to remember. But, the fact that a skunk is an exceptionally aggressive and cunning animal, raises an obligation to remind you, once more, not to get near it without a protective mask, goggles and a protective suit.

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