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  • Critter article of the month - Kansas City Raccoon Removal and Control

Kansas City Raccoon Removal and Control

Raccoon removal and prevention tips
Raccoons are humans’ greatest destruction but the good news is that there are means there are preventative measures that will help you to drive them away positively. How do these raccoons get into the house? Raccoons are very intelligent animals and therefore they will use the most impossible means to get into the house. They have strong paws and sharp front teeth and they usually use this to get into the house. In most cases, they will invade your chimney or crawl into the attic. The stuffy nature in the attic suits them best because they find it very warm and comfortable. In most occasions they will tear the exterior walls and then slowly crawl into the attics making the place their safe heaven. You also have to understand that in most cases female raccoons with young ones will opt for the attics and the chimneys in order to keep their cubs safe. In case there are raccoons in your attic or chimney, you have to employ the correct techniques that will be safe for both parties; the raccoons and yourself.

How to catch raccoons
There are several methods that you can employ in order to evacuate the raccoons and they include traps, capturing them physically by hand or by netting them. You can use a rope or the pole capture method. One thing you have to keep in mind is to ensure that you are very cautious because they may be infected with fatal viruses that can affect you. It is also not easy to trap them because they are very witty and in case you want to evacuate them yourself you have to be very patient. If they inhabit your chimney, you should avoid lighting the fire because you are likely to burn them alive. Traps are the best option because the raccoons are likely to crawl into them more easily without employing any force. When they are safely trapped you can release them into the wilderness where they are unlikely to return to your attic. The next stage is to come up with methods that will prevent future invasion.

Prevention tips

Your compound should be well secured and this comes in handy is well fenced. Kansas City Raccoons are very intelligent and they will use the minutest opening to get into your compound. It is therefore recommended to use wall fencing because it is more intact and stable. If you opt for the other fences like barbed wires and other types, ensure that they are well knit and if possible you can use an additional border that will hinder their entrance into your compound. The fences should also be high enough to prevent the raccoons from jumping from the other side though they are known to be poor jumpers but is better to be safe than sorry. You have to know that raccoons are urban animals just like rats and mice and they will always find an alternative to get into your yard and into the chimney or attic. If only you could come up with the high security fence then there will be assurance that these animals will never get into your yard.

Water sprayer
The technique is not 100% possible because the raccoons are crafty and intelligent, they are therefore likely to dodge the water sprayer and get into the comfort zone in your garden. If you manage to use the water sprayer then y7ou can also fix several traps in designated areas that will prevent the raccoons from evading your yard. Raccoons love to dig into your garbage can and in order to keep them away from your garbage you can strap the garbage cans with lids that will be impossible for them to open. You can also keep them in a safe place and not in the open where they will not have easy access. They also love to swim and to wash their food before they consume and if you have a pond then it is time that you mesh it up. You can also opt for wooden planks with spikes because this will prevent the raccoons from getting close to the pond and feeding on your assets. You have to ensure that all the structures in the compound are well maintained and fixed immediately when they get damaged.

Avoid stuffing around
There are other possible areas where they are likely to evade like the basement, the attic, chimney and the crawl space. It is therefore important to ensure that the attics and the basements are well organized and also try to make these places clean. When the surrounding is sparkling, the raccoons will lack a place to hide from their predators and they will also opt for other attics in some other yard. You also have to keep in mind that prevention is better than cure therefore you have to work hard to ensure that you keep these animals away from your yard.

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