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  • Critter article of the month - What Should I do if I Find a Nest of Mice in the Attic?

What Should I do if I Find a Nest of Mice in the Attic?

Mice are considered to be common Missouri pest who like to live in our houses especially the attic because it the perfect place to live and make a nest. If you ever do find a nest of Kansas City mice in your attic you will be suddenly faced with at least one (if not all) of the following problems:
• Scratches in the attic and walls
• Droppings found everywhere
• Bad smells and odors
• Chewed up wires and even PVC piping
• Health risks (ie. Contamination of food)

And because of these, the only logical step would be to get rid of the Kansas City mice as quickly as possible before the end up causing more destruction. In the next sections of this article, we will be discussing of the proper ways to get rid of you mice problem.

Start with finding all of the open holes (even small gaps) that Missouri mice might be using to get into your home. This may include but is not limited to:
• Vents
• Roof lines
• Eave gaps
• Any small hole or gap (about the size of a dime)
If you think you have found all the holes and gaps that you could ever find with the naked eye, go over all of them with a black light. This way you can spot the mice's urine which will evidently help you figure out their most commonly used entrances.

Seal Up
The next step is to seal up all of these entrances or entry points with some steel which Kansas City mice won't be able to gnaw their way through. In order to keep the steel in place, use a bolt. Use a sealant to keep out all of the air in that area. Keeping the air out will discourage other mice from trying to get in. This step is the most important part of getting rid of Missouri mice from your home.

Trapping and Removal
Never try to trap Missouri mice before doing the previous step. Trapping can only be effective after sealing up the entry ways have been thorougly done. If you have that done, you can now acquire yourself some traps. The best kinds to use with mice are snap traps. You could also use a repeating trap in case you are dealing a large number of mice but multiple snap traps are just as effective. Mice are usually very easy to trap and you will not have to wait very long. Once you have a mice (or two) trapped, the next thing to do is to have them removed. Keep repeating this process until you hear absolutely no sounds in the walls or in the attic. That is how you are sure that all the Kansas City mice are gone from your house.

Clean Up
This maybe the least liked part of all. You will need to clean up all of the droppings within the crawl space and and attic. But afterwards, you will be Missouri mice-free!

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