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  • Critter article of the month - Mole Prevention Tips

Mole Prevention Tips

Mole is one of the wild animals that cause serious damage in garden and yard through digging and burrowing. Since the live underground they can easily compromise foundation of structure. Another thing is that Missouri mole just like other wild animals carrier lots of bacterial and viral diseases which can be infected to human. That is why you must do everything possible to prevent and keep moles away.

Keep Kansas City Moles Away With Fences
One thing about moles mammal is that they can make burrows but do not have good climbing ability. For that reason, you can easily deny them access into your garden, yard or home through fencing. Just make sure you fence your property with wire mesh with some inches submerge into the ground. This is to avoid moles digging through the fence to gain access into your Missouri property.

Keep Moles Away with Home Repairs
Proper home repair is among the best way to keep most wild Missouri animals away and moles are not exception to that. You can easily prevent mole from getting into your home by sealing up all the possible holes on your walls and fences. Make sure that you clear the tall grasses in your house and compound which can serve as hiding place for mole and you will not worry much about Kansas City mole’s infestation into your property for any reason.

Remove Attractants to Keep Moles Away
Moles usually burrow the ground in search of insect larvae and earthworms an if your Kansas City home or garden have such things in abundance then you should be ready to welcome moles into your home. In that regard, to scare moles away and avoid the problems and damages they cause you have to completely remove the possible attractants. Tidy up in front of your house and remove the garbage can then Missouri moles will go away.

Use Natural Remedies To Keep Moles Away
Apart from fencing, home repairs, removal of attractants there are other natural remedies to mole infestation. You can scare them away with the urine of the predator or even make sure that you position your hunting dog around and Missouri moles will go away. Indeed, if you effectively apply the abovementioned preventive measures your home will be free from moles saving you from the damages they cause and the diseases they carry.

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