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  • Critter article of the month - Are Coyotes Dangerous To Cats, Dogs or Other Pets?

Are Coyotes Dangerous To Cats, Dogs or Other Pets?

If you live in Missouri you should have spotted coyote around your home in one or two occasions. With their good sense of smell and easy adaptable ability they have been able to adapt living with human in the urban area. Coyotes can easily lure your pet mostly dog to their den and the story will be so harmful to you if you love your dog so much. Your dog will always love to chase after Kansas City coyotes when it sights them as it is the natural thing for all dogs. But it will not be able to face them in fight mostly while in the midst of many of them in the den.

Never Underrate the Power of Coyote When It Comes To Your Pets
One thing you need to know is that the Missouri coyote is a smart and highly clever wild animal. They will always look for the best way to attack your pet by luring it to their circle. The size if your dog notwithstanding as it cannot be enough to face coyotes when they are in group and decided to fight against it. For that reason, whenever you sight your dog going after this wild animal the best thing you need to do is to chase after it and shout on top of your voice in order to scare Kansas City coyotes further away from it.

What You Must Do When Coyote Frequently Visit Your Home
Since you know that your pets will be in serious danger when they meet with Kansas City coyote, you have to device effective preventive measure to avoid coyotes visiting your home. One of the things that can attract coyotes to your home is leaving your garbage can open. Coyotes regularly feed on human garbage and other human food sources like pet food, vegetables with ornamental fruits and others. So, to prevent them from coming around, you have to keep away all food sources.

Make Sure You Monitor Your Pets When They Are Outside Your Home
The problem is that they have gotten familiar with human that they can easily move around like every other Missouri animal. So, what you have to do in order to protect your pet from harm is to always be vigilant while your pets are outside or even inside the fence. You can keep your dog unleash in order to avoid being victimized by coyotes.

How to Protect Your Cats from Coyotes
Coyotes do not only hunt dogs but also other pets including cats. In fact, Kansas City coyotes find it easier to kill cat than dog. So, it is recommended that you keep your cat indoor to avoid being endangered by the wily wild animal.

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